Woodcraft Designs New Pinnacle Scrub Plane

From the tool archives of the past, Woodcraft brings back the all new Pinnacle Scrub Plane with easy to use features and added comfort.

DSCN1335aTraditionally, a scrub plane is used when you have to remove quite a bit of wood from the edge or surface of a board, yet not enough to rip with a saw, but still having a great deal to plane.  Its heavy, narrow, rounded cutter makes it possible to quickly and easily bring down the board to rough dimensions.  Use it to back out base boards, true up sub flooring, size large timber or clean gritty boards.  Made from 1896-1914, Woodcraft brings back this icon from an era long gone and produces it on American soil.

The concept for this project came from the 1920’s Stanley Scrub Plane.  Our product development group restored and polished up an old plane into functioning order.  Using it for some time, we learned the intricacies of the plane itself.  Then the question came, could this be manufactured and assembled in the United States?

DSCN2130Six months of research and finding companies willing to take on such a task, we found that we could bring this American icon back, and keep it in the USA at an affordable price offering of $169.99.  Plans were set in motion to start designing, tooling was created and the first prototype was delivered.  Testing proved that this plane should be able to ride over rough surfaces yet still remove wood.  The corners were rounded over to decrease tracking and the back was rounded to not catch on the return stroke.  The addition of the blade support worked out well providing another friction point to stabilize the blade when taking large bites of material.

planehandlesetAfter receiving many opinions as to the size and feel of the tote and knob, the handle designs were still an issue, so we sent it up to the “Handtool Coach” Rob Cosman to design both parts.  Rob drew his inspiration from years of use with other scrub planes and came out with a set of handles that will have a fit for almost any situation.  We chose walnut to keep with the American theme and drew on knowledge from a company that has been making handles for over 80 years.  Two coats of a mat finish really make the walnut grain come to life.

DSCN1330aThe tote height has changed from the original to accommodate a full hand grip since many use this plane one handed.  By doing so, we found the need to reduce the blade length to accommodate the increase of the tote height.  We found a company here in the States that has close to 50 years of experience to produce a new blade for the 40-1/2.  Made from high quality A2 steel and hardened to a Rockwell 60-62, the blade edge is hand ground with a secondary bevel and polished.  All other edges are softened for grip ease.

DSCN1409bFinally the plane cap was originally fitted with a ½” screw and knob but we decided to increase this to ease tightening by using a ¾” 304 stainless for years of service.  Other hardware includes machined rods for the handles and capped with a brass cap screw, all in ¼”-20 so that years from now when the owners grandchildren inherit the plane, these parts will be easy to fabricate.

Three sets of prototypes were made.  Thanks to the help of new 3D CAD technology capabilities, this helped to keep cost down.   We can honestly say this has been a labor of love for hand tools.  This has not always been easy but that comes with the territory!

DSCN1395aWoodworking Adventures visited the woodshop of Craig Bentzley in Pennsylvania to get the scoop on the new Pinnacle 40 1/2 Scrub Plane,


  • Optimized For Coarse Stock Removal
  • Traditional Design Enhanced For Modern Woodworking
  • Proudly Made In The USA
  • Ergonomically Designed For Better Comfort During Extended Use With A Longer Forward Leaning Rear Tote Made From Black Walnut
  • 3″ Radius Blade Is Made From A2 Steel & Hardened To 60-62 HRC
  • Flat Sole With Radius Edges To Allow The Plane To Glide Over Rough Surfaces & Minimalize Tracking
  • Larger Front Knob For Comfort And Control

This new Pinnacle Scrub Plane is now available at Woodcraft.

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Be sure to look for the full article with Craig on the new Woodcraft Pinnacle Scrub Plane in the Dec/Jan Issue of Woodcraft Magazine.

auf Wiedersehen!…Frank