Turning Over a New Leaf

Welcome! For those of you who were ardent followers of John Lucas’s Woodshop Demos blog, I’m sure there is a sense of melancholy in finding a completely new and different site in its place. Believe me, I feel the same way. Having never met the man makes this new endeavor especially challenging for me. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours pouring over John’s site but it didn’t take long for me to feel as though I knew him and I’m truly sorry I never had the opportunity to make his acquaintance. He had a down-to-earth approach in everything he did, offered up plenty of personality, and was a just a good, decent, regular guy. After talking to several mutual friends, I’m humbled to take over the reins. Rather than trying to carry John’s water, which I could never do, it’s probably best to make a fresh start.

For those of you that already know me, I hope the transition will be an easy one. For those that don’t, please be patient. Although John’s approach to woodworking was a bit different than mine is, you’ll find my passion for the craft is the same. I have a feeling that with every posting I make, I’ll be wondering; what would John think? My plan for this blog is to provide a mix of honest hand tool and power tool reviews, project builds, workshop visits, and reports on other woodworking-related activities. I hope you’ll join me in this new endeavor. I look forward to your feedback.