Too Sharp??!! Woodworking by Jerill Vance

In woodworking most tools need to be sharp to do quality work. We spend a great deal of pride and time in getting them sharp and maintaining the edge. Many woodworkers have asked me when is a cutting edge sharp. There are several methods to determine if an edge is sharp but I always say if you can do quality work with minimal effort then the tool is sharp enough for that task. And until recently I did not think anything in the shop could be too sharp. This summer I actually cut my skin (similar to a paper cut) on the edge of a board after I dimensioned that board. The edge is always knocked off during the sanding stages so the danger is not there for very long. Of course all the edges need to be sanded slightly round prior to applying a film finish because the finish will not adhere to a sharp edge. So for the first time I have to admit that an edge can be too sharp! Are the edges in your shop sharp enough or too sharp?

Enjoy your shop time,