The Taradiddle Tribune – 4/29/14

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It was a slow day at the lodge yesterday. Slow as in lethargic codgers. Slow as in very little wood working activity. Even the famed doughnut disposal team suffered a lackluster performance and left their mission half accomplished. I anticipate that this spate of spring fever will be short-lived and the codgers will soon regain their eager demeanor.

The quantity of show and tell items was somewhat diminished as well. However, the quality of the items displayed was up to the codger’s usual high standards. Mike Tice brought a keepsake box with a scroll-sawn bow. John Smith had a nice oak and walnut segmented bowl and Mikey built a fine segmented birdhouse from cedar and walnut scraps.

Henry Aglio created another artistic metal sculpture and topped it with one of his signature bowls – a fine creation. Henry also provided a box top to jog my memory and help me recall the “p” word for the excellent Italian sweet treat.

Linda Williams sent along a tray of pineapple cake that was a fine accompaniment to the WV bean soup that Ron Thompson prepared for the lodge lunch. I added a loaf of sourdough. The codgers’ enthusiasm increased dramatically with this presentation.

It is time to make plans for the second annual Codger Lodge picnic. Currently there are two possible locations to consider. Ron Thompson volunteered to host the event at his house in Sherman (a suburb of Ravenswood). Ron and Lois have unlimited parking space and plenty of room for the codgers to roam. In addition, we may choose to gather at the lodge as last year. Parking is somewhat limited, however the rest of the facilities are suitable. We are in the early planning stage at this point and other options for a desirable location may develop. We will discuss the picnic issues and make plans as we meet on Turning Tuesdays and ease into summer. We need everyone’s input.

I received an update on the Empty Bowls project and the codger’s participation. Henry delivered a note that Caroline Putnam sent to thank us for our contribution to the food pantry charity event that she chairs.

Dear Codger Lodge,

Thank you for your contribution of wonderful “cracker bowls” to the 2014 Empty Bowls Event. Because of your contribution we made $3,445. dollars this year, almost one thousand more that we have ever made before. A number of people said that they came because of the wooden bowls, since they already had a collection of ceramic bowls.
Cynthia Ting and I enjoyed our visit to your workshop and meeting many of you. Although not wood workers, we can appreciate the artistry that goes into the creation of your bowls and the time it takes to create such beautiful objects.
Caroline Putnam

Our condolences are extend to Fred Williams and his family. His father’s health has be deteriorating since last fall and on Saturday, he succumbed to his illnesses.

It was an enjoyable Turning Tuesday at the lodge. We plan to do it all again next week. Come on down.
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