The Taradiddle Tribune – 4/2/2014

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We do not have quarters for muster to convey the “plan of the day” at Codger Lodge nor a First Sargent to dispense duty assignments and motivational words. Through experience, we codgers have developed a level of situational awareness that prepares us to ascertain what is required and to establish our priorities without supervision. We are capable and self-motivated.
This week at the lodge there were two boxes of doughnuts, a large tray of cookies, a bag of biscotti, a pecan pie, and Girl Scout cookies in reserve. Without hesitation or encouragement, the codgers established a plan to dispose of these sweets and set the highest priority for that task.pic set 1After a furious beginning, the battle subsided, allowing the codgers to regroup, regain their momentum, and continue the cookie campaign at a leisurely pace.pic set 2Refreshed and ready, the codgers planed their Turning Tuesday activities and executed their plans.pic set 3pic set 4_5 The show and tell items reflected the talents of the codgers and codgerettes. Walt Tuttle had a nice segmented bowl and Mike Sharps displayed two of his laminated pieces,pic set 6 Joanie Smith sent one of her excellent pecan pies and Jimmy Morrison brought a segmented piece and a large ambrosia salad bowl for our enjoyment, pic set 7 Gene Smith turned two nice bowls from laminated blanks and Linda Williams baked up a tray of fine peanut butter cookies. The cookies are from one of Linda’s “go to” recipes and they are good,pic set 8

pic set 9This is not another metal sculpture idea from Henry Aglio’s fertile mind taking shape; but rather a random arrangement of Jimmy Morrison’s bowl turning tool rests. While the flowing curves are somewhat reminiscent of Henry’s style, his presentations are considerably more refined and creative.

??????????There are fifty-some bowls in our Empty Bowls collection and they are on their way to be delivered for the charity event. The soup lunch will be held on Saturday, April 5th in Marietta, OH. Frank reported the event in his Woodcraft blog. (Empty Bowls). Thanks to all the codgers who turned and donated bowls to this worthwhile cause.DSCN4287

We are planning another codger convention next Turning Tuesday at the lodge. Come on down and join us.


Mourn the dragons.
pic set 10

Woodcraft Celebrates Spring with 3-Day Sales Event

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Analysis paralysis

I recently received an invitation from fellow blogger Tom Iovino to participate in “Get Woodworking Week” which is an attempt by the blogosphere to get people off their collective duffs, into the shop, and do some woodworking. In my opinion, most beginners suffer from “analysis paralysis” (a good friend’s phrase). What this means is a lot of beginners either over-analyze their projects or think they can’t even start one without the latest and greatest tool, gizmo, whatever – take your pick. Although they are well intentioned, the job never seems to get done. When you look at all the great furniture built hundreds of years ago with the bare minimum of tools, you truly have no excuse. As an example, I’ll relate two incidents that stick in my mind.

Most recently I was at a woodworking show chatting with a friend who was doing demos and selling DVDs. An older gentleman walked up and purchased a dovetailing DVD. He turned to me and proudly proclaimed that this was his fifth DVD on dovetailing. I asked if he did a lot of dovetailing and he told me didn’t have the skill or tools to even try it.

That encounter conjured up a memory from thirty years ago when I met a young fellow who was more of a motor head than a woodworker but he had the fire in his belly. He proudly displayed his first attempt at a dovetailed box and I was duly impressed. The dovetails were clean, tight, and well executed. When I asked him what kind of saw he used, he told me very matter-of-factly – a hacksaw. I was blown away but I made a fatal mistake. I told him that hacksaws were for metalworking, not woodworking.  Once that seed was planted in his head, he never again achieved the level of precision that he did on his first project.

These anecdotes have two morals. First, don’t ever question how someone did something. Just appreciate a job well done and leave it at that. Second, don’t let the lack of a “special” tool hinder you from doing what you want to do. Resourceful people will always find a work-around. By the way, even though I have tried a few times over the years, I have never been successful using a hacksaw to cut dovetails.



Turning Over a New Leaf

Welcome! For those of you who were ardent followers of John Lucas’s Woodshop Demos blog, I’m sure there is a sense of melancholy in finding a completely new and different site in its place. Believe me, I feel the same way. Having never met the man makes this new endeavor especially challenging for me. Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours pouring over John’s site but it didn’t take long for me to feel as though I knew him and I’m truly sorry I never had the opportunity to make his acquaintance. He had a down-to-earth approach in everything he did, offered up plenty of personality, and was a just a good, decent, regular guy. After talking to several mutual friends, I’m humbled to take over the reins. Rather than trying to carry John’s water, which I could never do, it’s probably best to make a fresh start.

For those of you that already know me, I hope the transition will be an easy one. For those that don’t, please be patient. Although John’s approach to woodworking was a bit different than mine is, you’ll find my passion for the craft is the same. I have a feeling that with every posting I make, I’ll be wondering; what would John think? My plan for this blog is to provide a mix of honest hand tool and power tool reviews, project builds, workshop visits, and reports on other woodworking-related activities. I hope you’ll join me in this new endeavor. I look forward to your feedback.