Powermatic & Jet Add New Power Tools for 2013

What does Jet/Powermatic have in common with Rough Cut-Woodworking with Tommy Mac? Along with Woodcraft, they help sponsor the PBS woodworking show!
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DSCN8190aAt Woodcraft’s vendor trade show, Rough Cut’s Tommy Mac unveiled Walter Meier’s new product lines for Powermatic and Jet Power Tools, available for September of 2013 (See video below).  Introducing two new Powermatic PM1000 Table Saws.  The 1-3/4HP, 1PH, with 30″ Accu-Fence System, Item #857876 retailing for $1,999.99 and the PM1000 with a 52″ Accu-Fence System, Item #857875, retailing for $2099.99, also available at Woodcraft.

Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw_857876_75


  • Dust collection is maximized with the blade surround and collection hose as they provide an unobstructed path
  • Hands free power switch is conveniently located
  • Safety is maximized with the tool-less guard assembly and its easy-to-use, independent side leaves
  • The sturdy miter gauge pivots 60 degrees to either side, allowing easy adjustment for a full range of cuts
  • Cast iron work surface features a beveled edge
  • Exclusive Accu-Fence provides rigidity and precision
  • The poly-V belt drive system reduces vibration and maximizes efficiency
  • Ergonomically designed 7” hand wheels provide momentum – making blade height and bevel adjustments easy
  • Arbor lock allows for one handed blade changes with minimal tools
  • Bevel scale is conveniently located with large, easy to read numbers
  • Quick access to the interior of the cabinet with the hinged motor cover

Product Information:

  • Motor Power: 1-3/4HP
  • Motor Current (Amps) : 20/10
  • Motor Phase : 1
  • Motor Voltage (V.) : 115/230
  • Prewired Voltage (V.) : 115
  • Recommended Circuit Size (Amps.) : 30A (for 115V), 20A (for 230V)
  • Table Height from Floor (In.) : 34-1/4
  • Table Size (In.) : 20 x 27
  • Table Type : Cast Iron
  • Total Work Surface (In.) : 57 x 27 (30″ Tablesaw);  75-3/8 x 27 (52″ Tablesaw)
  • A blade surround and collection hose provide an unobstructed path, maximizing dust collection
  • Conveniently located hands free power switch
  • Tool-less guard assembly with independent side leaves is easy to use, maximizing safety
  • The sturdy miter gauge pivots 60 degrees to either side, allowing easy adjustment for a full range of cuts
  • Exclusive AccuFence provides rigidity and precision
  • The poly-V belt drive system reduces vibration and maximizes efficiency
  • Ergonomically designed 7” handwheels provide momentum, making blade height and bevel adjustments easy
  • Arbor lock allows for one handed blade changes with minimal tools
  • Cast iron work surface features a beveled edge
  • Bevel scale is conveniently located with large, easy to read numbers
  • Hinged motor cover provides quick access to the interior of the cabinet
  • Arbor Diameter (In.) : 5/8
  • Arbor Speed (RPM) : 4200
  • Blade Diameter (In.) : 10
  • Cast Iron Work Surface (In.) : 40 x 27
  • Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required (CFM) : 350
  • Dust Port Outside Diameter (In.) : 4
  • Maximum Depth of Cut (In.) : 3-1/8
  • Maximum Depth of Cut at 45 Degrees (In.) : 2-1/8
  • Maximum Diameter of Dado (In.) : 8
  • Maximum Rip Left of Blade (In.) : 12
  • Maximum Rip Right of Blade (In.) : 30 (item #857876);  52 (item #857875)
  • Maximum Width of Dado (In.) : 13/16
  • Weight (Lbs.) : 347 (30″);  393.8 (52″)


Also on the circuit at the show was the new Jet 14″ Bandsaw with Steel Frame, Model JWBS-14SF, Item #858830, at $1,899.99
Product Information:

  • Jet 14 Bandsaw with Steel Frame_Model JWBS-14SFMotor Power (HP) : 1-3/4
  • Motor Current (Amps.) : 15/7.5
  • Motor Phase : 1
  • Motor Voltage (V.) : 115/230
  • Prewired Voltage (V.) : 115
  • 13-1/2″ of resaw capacity
  • Redesigned fence with laser etched scale and micro-adjust feature
  • Two position faceplate provides appropriate support for every cut
  • Tool-less guide adjustments
  • Conveniently located dual dust collection ports
  • Sturdy wheels feature a shallow crown and polyurethane tires
  • Heavy duty tensioning with quick release
  • Four sided blade guard
  • Blades can be removed out the front of the table, no bending or angling required
  • Round table insert features leveling screws for precise adjustment
  • Band Saw Size/Wheel Diameter (In.) : 14
  • Blade Length (In.) : 125
  • Blade Speed (SFPM) : 3000
  • Blade Width (In.) : 1/2
  • Cutting Capacity Height (In.) : 13-1/2
  • Cutting Capacity Width (In.) : 13-1/2
  • Dust Collection Minimum CFM Required (CFM) : 400
  • Dust Port Outside Diameter (In.) : 4
  • Maximum Saw Blade Width (In.) : 3/4
  • Minimum Saw Blade Width (In.) : 1/8
  • Table Height from Floor (In.) : 39
  • Table Size (L x W) (In.) : 21-1/2 x 16
  • Table Tilt (Deg.) : 45 Right/10 Left
  • Weight (lbs.): 356
  • No assembly required

new lathes 2013Two new 15″ lathes will be added, September of 2013.  JET’s new 15” Woodworking Lathe, available in a standard version (Model JWL-1015) and variable speed version (Model JWL-1015VS), provides optimum control, as well as positive-locking indexing.  Built for easy speed changes these new lathes are owered by a 1/2 hp, single-phase, TEFC motor. The 4-amp, model JWL-1015VS delivers variable spindle speeds ranging from 200 to 3600 rpm.  Three speed ranges are designed to perform different types of woodturning tasks. The slow speed range (200 to 1050 rpm) is best for detailed turnings, mid- range (300-1750 rpm) is great for sanding and finishing, and the high speed (600 to 3600) is intended for general woodturning.

Speed changes on the 5-amp model JWL-1015 are made by transferring the drive belt on stepped pulleys inside the headstock.  The drive belt is de-tensioned by pulling up a lever located beneath the headstock.  The hinged headstock cover and redesigned access door provide increased working space over most mini-lathes.  The belt is switched manually to the pulley corresponding to one of six spindle speeds: 500, 840, 1240, 1800, 2630 or 3975 rpm.  Then the cover is replaced and lever pressed back down to restore belt tension.

The lathe headstock features 24 integrated indexing positions, making it easy to cut evenly spaced features for fluting and veining applications.
A self-ejecting tailstock is provided for safe and easy removal of tooling.  The hollow tailstock and removable tip on live center allows for boring through stock.  Optional accessories include a lathe stand with height adjustments and wide feet for stability, 21” bed extension and extension stand.

The JET JWL-1015 Woodworking Lathe, Model 719100, Woodcraft Item #858827 is priced at $479.99.  The JET JWL-1015VS Woodworking Lathe, Model 719110, Woodcraft Item #858828 will be $579.99.  Both are warranted under the JET RED AssuranceTM program.

8 inch bench grinderThe final new item for Jet to release in September will be the new Slow Speed (1725 rpm) 8″WW Bench Grinder, Model 726100, Woodcraft Item #858829 for $329.99.  The benchtop grinder includes two high-quality Norton® wheels: an 80 grit 3X Blue Ceramic Alumina K Grade wheel for coarse grinding and a 100 grit White Aluminum Oxide wheel for finish grinding.  Protecting your eyes from those high quality wheel producing sparks and dust particles are oversized adjustable shields.  The single-speed benchtop grinder is driven by a ½ hp, 115V single-phase induction motor.  The two 8” wheels have a 1” width and a 5/8” arbor.  The unique feature to these bench grinders are the large etched tool rests for easy marking for chisel sharpening angle location reference, which also have 45° of travel and a scale that has a 1° resolution.  A bench grinder stand is optionally available at additional cost of $ as well.

Doug from Jet/Powermatic and Tommy discuss all of these tools in this video:

More to come with Tommy Mac and Woodcraft showing you the latest in woodworking tools!
auf Wiedersehen!…Frank

Woodcraft Magazine Aug/Sept 2013 Issue #54


Learn how you can put together this two-wall shop in your new or existing garage or workspace.


You’ll want to start building or improving your shop, starting with this Rust-Oleum based nonslip, epoxy paint and sealed floor.  Great for resurfacing a concrete floor, this project will allow for easy clean-up leaving a show room finish.  But don’t keep it clean, fill it with sawdust made from your handiwork and enjoy it!  Create a two-wall workshop and outfit it with four outstanding shop projects using the Cut Lists and Convenience-Plus Buying Guides, all in the August/September Issue #54 of Woodcraft Magazine.  We’ve never packed this much information all in one publication, so this issue is a must have!



The four projects consist of a Mobile Mitersaw Stand, a Compact All-Purpose Workbench with Tool Cabinet, a Planer Cart and a Power Tower to help organize your new or existing shop.

Woodcraft_2013_05_21-1795cVertically thinking, the Power Tower can be used to hold and house most medium to small portable and bench top tools. Putting it on casters will save you much needed space where you may be trying to have a shop and save parking space for the vehicles.  Using the vertical storage unit with the Planer Cart and the NEW WoodRiver Wall Mount Folding Tool Stand, you’ll be maximizing every square inch of your shop.

Horizontally thinking, the mobile mitersaw stand includes drop-down wings for easy storing, built-in dust collection, adjustments for customizing the fence, shelf, and wings to your specific saw model.  Also on casters for mobility, you can add Leg Levelers to handle uneven floor surfaces.

mitersaw wings_open_closed

Every shop needs a workbench.  Build your very own Compact All-Purpose Workbench with Woodcraft’s Laminated Maple Bench Tops.


There is an additional project also included to make your workbench a real added value with a Tool Cabinet Storage and Drawer System.


In addition, you will find a Dream Shop Planner to help you outline your shop.  Lay out your cabinets and storage by using the machinery cutout templates for positioning.  By using an acetate sheet  placed over your shop grid, you can plan for duct work, electricity, lighting and HVAC.  After your sketch work is complete, break down the shop build into individual steps for time and budgeting constraints.  Just like measuring twice and cutting once, this plan can help you build your shop the way you want it, when you want it, without missing a step.

Planner logo 2 larger

This video covers all the details within Issue #54, with an up close look at this new shop.

In additional to all the projects in this issue, you will also find Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets from Cabinotch.  Just add your own doors and drawers to complete the project.

WM Cabinotch G 115


Additional setup products for this shop install include Triton’s Durable Wall Storage solutions, a Wall-Mounted Lumber Rack, Ceramic Infrared Space Heater, a LED Task Light, an A-Frame Clamp Rack, 10-Drawer Tool Chest, Hardware Organizers, Kreg’s Portable Benchtop Router Table, a Portable QuikBENCH, a Retro Shop Stool, and an Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat.

Hot New Tools features the NEW Micro-Jig GRR-Rip Block.  This tool combines the rubber-soled pushblock technology with the notched pushstick products by adding flip-up feet, giving you the advantage of holding your stock firmly against the table while providing enough friction to push it forward keeping your digits at a safe distance from the blade on your tablesaw or router table.

Also featured is the Whiteside Pro Pen Mandrels.  Whiteside has incorporated the CNC collet technology that has been used by machinists for years. With an adjustable shaft, turning is made easier from key chains to pens with out the need for spacers.  The set includes a 1/4″ collet, collet nut, mandrel shaft, and brass knurled nut. Available in #1 MT and #2 MT.

microjig block157777


Some new Tips & Tricks have been added, featuring a bottomless tablesaw crosscut jig, a Wedge Cutting Jig, Improvised Edge Clamp, and an easier way of removing those disposable gloves that are a hassle to take off.

All this and more packed into another great issue from Woodcraft Magazine can be found at your local Woodcraft store, online, and now through digital subscriptions for your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC.

See you around the shop,

auf Wiedersehen!…Frank







Kreg Automaxx Technology Sets New “Klamping” Standard

158507Tired of re-adjusting your clamps to hold different wood thickness or having multiple clamp setups?  Still not enough pressure held once adjusted?  Well, Kreg and Woodcraft have the answer for that.  The new Automaxx™ Bench Klamps adjust automatically to hold materials that are thin, thick, or anywhere in between.  Set the clamping pressure once, using an easy-to-regulate thumbscrew, and the Automaxx™ Bench Clamps do the rest.  They lock closed easily and consistently every time and with every thickness. Compatible with Kreg Jig®, Kreg Portable Base, and Kreg Jig® Jr.

  • Automatically adjusts to any material thickness up to 2-7/8″
  • 3″ reach for face members 2″ and narrower
  • Simple thumbscrew adjustment for clamping pressure
  • Comfortable handle grips for reduced hand fatigue
  • Large pivoting jaws with added pads for aligning face joints

Watch this quick video to get the idea, and head to Woodcraft to get your Automaxx™ Bench Clamps today.


Additionally, check out the new Kreg 3-Inch and 6-Inch Automaxx™ Face Clamps, now available at your local Woodcraft store or online. These Face Clamps work in the same manner and technology as the Bench Klamps, adjusting automatically to clamp materials that are thin, thick, or in between.   You can clamp a 2×4 and then a 1/2″ piece of plywood without
ever re-adjusting the clamp.  Kreg joinery just got a little easier, thanks to the versatility and simplicity of Automaxx™ Face Clamps.  Below, Dave Stone, Kreg’s social media guy, demos the Face Clamps showing you all the capabilities.

So stop cranking, fumbling and re-adjusting, get these new clamps and enjoy a better clamping method today!

auf Wiedersehen!…Frank