Woodcraft Celebrates Spring with 3-Day Sales Event

This sale is so big, we decided to spring into action a little early!  Get a head start into WOODCRAFT for the 3-DAY SALES EVENT starting today, February 28th, for all your woodworking needs.  JET & POWERMATIC Machines are 15% off (starting March 1 & 2) + Free Shipping – some exclusions apply*.

  • 10% Off Power Tools, Exclusions Apply*
  • 15% Off JET & POWERMATIC Machinery (starting March 1 & 2) & Everything Else (starting Feb 28th), Exclusions Apply*
  • The 15% off also includes Woodcraft Magazine, Plans, Magazine Downloads, and all educational materials, Exclusions Apply*.



  • Gift Cards; All Dovetail/FMT Jigs; All Dowelmax, Festool, SawStop, Select JET & Powermatic Machines, Tormek Products & Select Kreg Tools.
  • Offer Good On All Other Regularly Priced Merchandise.
  • Not Valid With Any Other Discount Or Coupon Offer.
  • Discounts Not Applicable To Quantity Pricing.
  • Excludes Special Orders.
  • Excludes Laser Engraving & Sharpening Services.
  • Excludes Jet 1221VS Lathe, Woodcraft Item #856325, (free shipping available).
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  • Excludes Woodcraft Magazine Subscriptions.
  • ONLY Jet & Powermatic Machines Ship Free.
  • Excludes ALL Other Free Shipping on Machines.

*Free Shipping Exclusions:

  • JET Dust Collector, 1.5 HP 1PH 115/230V, 5 Micron Bag, Model DC1100MK, Woodcraft Item #847433.
  • Jet Air Filtration System, Model AFS-1000B, Woodcraft Item #815488.
  • Jet Mini Lathe with Indexing Head, Model 708375, Woodcraft Item #147822.

*Additional Sale Information:

  • Sale At Participating Retail Stores, Catalog & Internet.
  • Jet & Powermatic Machinery Sale Extends to March 11th.
  • Jet & Powermatic Accessories On Sale March 1st & 2nd Only.

Now that you’ve read this, don’t wait, head to your local Woodcraft store or shop online to SAVE BIG today!



WoodRiver Shoulder Plane Review with Jerill Vance

WoodRiver Shoulder Plane_info2The new WoodRiver No. 92 Shoulder Plane combines the best of the Edward Preston and Sons’ plane designs with modern WoodRiver® features to create a “new classic” with the look and feel of a shiny antique but the body of shoulder plane equipped for serious shop work, whether cleaning up tenons, rabbets and dadoes or creating joints.

The WoodRiver No. 92 is the result of two years of extensive prototyping and testing to develop a classic look for a plane that works as good as it looks.  The classic shoulder plane features were retained – narrow body, slightly proud blade (to clean corners), sides square to the sole, flat bottoms and a necessary robustness—but a major new feature was added, an adjustable toe used to control the throat opening and help to minimize tear-out.

The body of the No. 92 is Cr40 stress-relieved ductile steel, machined square and flat, and the blade is Mn65 tool steel hardened to 60-64 Rc which combines toughness with the ability to take a keen edge.

The blade advancement mechanism is smooth and precise.  Dimensions : Body–length 7″, width 3/4″, height 2-1/2″; Overall Plane–length 8-13/16″, width 3/4″, height 3-1/4″; weight: 2 lbs., 3.4 oz.; bedded angle, 15°; blade angle 25°.

Shoulder Plane Replacement Blade

  • For tweaking tenons, rabbets and dados
  • Sides square to sole
  • Classic look and feel
  • Adjustable Mouth for Minimizing Tear out

We asked woodworker and teacher, Jerill Vance to take a look at our shoulder plane and give us an unbiased review based on his woodworking knowledge and experience.  We first met Jerill almost 3 years ago at the Pocahontas Woods Fine Woodworking School, where he obtained his woodworking degree.  You can find out all about Jerill from our previous blog, Pocahontas Woods Fine Woodworking Schooland from his website - www.JerillVanceWoodworks.com.

DSCN5692Jerill stated, “Recently, I obtained a new Wood River #92 Shoulder Plane.  It is an elegant, precision instrument of quality craftsmanship at a very modest price.  The look, weight and comfort of this tool make it the envy of any woodworker.  After spending a brief but enjoyable amount of time fine tuning and sharpening the iron in this plane, it created very fine shavings.  With the adjustable mouth and blade it can be set up to easily trim a misaligned shoulder on any tenon joint.  However, as I explained to a friend of mine, it is more than just a shoulder plane.  The blade can be set flush with one edge and used to pare away excess material on the cheeks of the tenon.  While I have the plane in my hand I also use it to chamfer the leading edge of the tenon.”

“So I wonder why is it not called a tenoning plane?  To me it seems more logical since I use on every aspect of the tenon and not just the shoulder.  How many hand tools excel in versatility but are stigmatized with a name that implies only one use?  So if you don’t own a “tenoning” plane I suggest you consider one of these multi-use tools.  Those on a fixed woodworking budget will be surprised at the modest price.  So check out the Wood River #92 shoulder… I mean tenoning – plane.  I am sure will you find a great use of this tool.”

Jerill also took the time to visit us at our Woodcraft Magazine Shop where we recorded this interview…

Check out the new WoodRiver No. 92 Shoulder Plane, item #154032, now available at your local Woodcraft store or online.  Jerill, thank you for all your time and support on this project, we appreciate all your efforts.

auf Wiedersehen…Frank!